Sunday, December 2, 2012

{Healing myHeArt} work statement

Ursa Art {Healing myHeArt}
Ursa Teoh Nov 2012
(english translated by Estin. H)


The universal is joy and love, the eternity of growing, the eternity of creativity, when you surrender to it, content with love, open up with trust, dancing with the whisper of flower, smelling the fragrance of flower, connecting with the light of flower. When love approaching, you can embrace it in within. The universal embrace our body, heart and soul with love; and, our body, heart and soul are witnessing the love of universal.

圓與方 曼波花漾當中,畫出自己的心願,彼此支持,守護與分享,凝視自我,照見愛;更在乎透過創作,能為自己和他人帶來什麼樣的祝福和恩典,創造能量共振,把正面能量傳送出去給宇宙大地,把種子/幼苗/小樹/大樹/花開/收成一一地鑲進圖騰之中,畫顯然在有限的空間裡,心靈則給予一無限的意念。創造自覺/實踐力量 - 心願圖,簡潔、優雅、莊嚴、沉思的特質,近乎是對生命的一份敬重。

In the mandala art of "round and square", painting our dream and wishes, supporting of each other, standby by the side, sharing of kindness, watching the self, witnessing love. Through creativity, bring blessing and grace to ourselves and others. To create the vibrating energy, sending it to the universal. Let's put the seed, the little tree, the maturity of tree, the blossom flower, the harvesting season into our piece of art. There's limited space in the art, however, the spiritual soul providing an unlimited creation. Creating awareness, fulfill with strength - dream, simplicity, gracefulness, noble, contemplation elements, it's the deeply respect towards life.

working with Akasha Healing Card & Chakra Essence
working with Alpha Chi's power place

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